All our ovens are designed to serve up better results to where they really count, on the plate. Whatever oven you choose, great performance comes with it. From a searing heat to a subtle simmer, you're always in complete control.

Cooktop feature and benefits

Efficiency and speed

Our Induction cooktops transfer heat directly to ccokware using state of the art technology. This means that heat is instant, precise, and only heats your cookware - not surrounding areas, making it extremely energy efficient and safe.

Sensor touch controls

Simply press the sensor touch control until the desired heat level is achieved. From a low simmer to a high boiling point, any level of heat is easily obtained.

Extendable zones

Extendable zones on selected ceramic cooktops join together to become one large zone, making them perfect for large pans. When joined together the individual zones maintain the same temperature so the same level of heat is obtained across the larger zone.


Where available our child lock allows the control panel to be locked so programs can't be altered. On selected gas cooktops the flame failure device shuts off the gas supply should the flame be extinguished for any reason.

Easy to clean

A smooth finish, removable manual control knobs, and trivets allow for easy cleaning. For best results wipe away any spills with a damp cloth from the surface once the cooktop has cooled down.

* NB - Not all features on this page are on all models. Please refer to the product user manual for the features that apply to your model.

H320SXFFPRO-2 300mm stainless steel gas cooktop
H640SXPRO 600mm stainless steel gas cooktop
H640STXPRO-3 600mm stainless steel gas cooktop
H750STXPRO 700mm stainless steel gas cooktop
H950STXPRO 900mm stainless steel gas cooktop
H950SLTXPRO 900mm stainless steel gas cooktop
H950STBGPRO 900mm black glass gas cooktop
CFM31 300mm ceramic cooktop
2RSS-2 300mm ceramic cooktop
CFM641-2 600mm ceramic cooktop
CFE641-2 600mm ceramic cooktop
CFEIND641 600mm induction cooktop
CFM742 700mm ceramic cooktop
CFE742 700mm ceramic cooktop
95HTSS-2 900mm ceramic cooktop
CFE942 900mm ceramic cooktop