Designed, not only to fit in with beautiful surroundings, our microwaves will give you the choice of either combining a microwave with a oven or microwave with a grill.

Microwave feature and benefits

Combine microwave and oven cooking

Our TMWC34SS convection microwave with combination grill can be
used as a 900W microwave, an oven, or as a combination of both
providing the ultimate in convenience.

Combine microwave and grill

Our WD905 + TT905 microwave with grill and trim kit is perfect for
times where you need to heat up your food quickly. With 9 automatic
cooking menus, and the ability to grill as well as microwave, you can
cook any meal with ease.

Trim kit

The TT905 trim kit that comes with our WD905 microwave with grill
protects your cabinets from moisture or heat damage.

TMWC34SS Stainless steel convection microwave with combination grill
WD905 Stainless steel microwave with grill