Doing the dishes has never been easier with this technology on your side. All our dishwashers can handle large plates and tall wine glasses with the help of a height adjustable upper shelf.

Dishwasher features and benefits

Large capacity

With up to 12 place settings and a height adjustable upper basket, our dishwashers can easily accommodate the washing up for your entire family or dinner party.


The LCD display tells you everything you need to know about the wash cycle in progress. Some models allow you to delay the cycle for up to 24 hours, ready to unload when you get home.


Our anti-flood system cuts off the water as soon as it detects an overflow. You can be assured that your kitchen will remain dry and protected from water damage.

Wide choice of programs

With up to eight programs, there is a program for every dishwashing need, such as a quick wash or extra greasy pots and pans.

* NB - Not all features on this page are on all models. Please refer to the product user manual for the features that apply to your model.



600mm Stainless steel freestanding dishwasher (Coming Soon)


600mm Stainless steel freestanding dishwasher


600mm fully integrated dishwasher (Coming Soon)


600mm Stainless steel fully integrated dishwasher